In the software development industry, value stream management (VSM) is a relatively new concept. While it’s been used in physical manufacturing for decades, it’s application within software development poses unique challenges, in that the product is always changing and — in a more esoteric sense — software development is not linear.

So it’s not surprising that a recent survey on the uptake of value stream management in development shops found that only 29% of 238 respondents are either implementing or planning to implement value stream management. Meanwhile, 33% indicated they had never even heard of the term.

“What this tells me is that this market is still quite new, and many organizations facing application modernization and digital transformation issues haven’t been able to put anything more on their plates right now,” said David Lyman, publisher of SD Times, which created the survey in conjunction with HCL Software. “But those who have started down the value stream management path are finding clear benefits.”

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“Thinking about it in the context of ‘crossing the chasm,’ where you’ve got innovators and early adopters — typically the group to the left of the chasm — I really do feel like that’s where the value stream management space is today,” said Steve Boone, head of product management, HCL DevOps Portfolio. “What the market needs to do is show the concrete value.”