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David Rubinstein is editor-in-chief of Software Development Times (SD Times) and conference chairman of VSMCon, the Value Stream Management conference.

What role do developers have in value stream management?

From an organizational level, creating and managing value streams plays an important role in eliminating wasteful processes and the time they take, enabling the company to focus on delivering value to their customers. At software companies – which many, many companies are today – the primary role of developers is delivering that value, in the

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Industry Watch: The State of VSM

Value stream management has been a 'thing' in manufacturing for a long time, but it's only been a handful of years since it's been applied to the manufacture of software. In that time, there has been lots of adoption within companies reliant upon software to drive their businesses, and some problems in companies unfamiliar with

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VSMcon returns with two days of value stream instruction

The third {virtual} VSMcon -- now a two-day event discussing all things value stream -- is set for Nov. 3-4 and will feature a host of sessions and workshops to help attendees improve their knowledge of value stream management and begin to implement it at their jobs. The first day offers keynotes and breakout sessions

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