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Maneuvering around VSM roadblocks

While many organizations think they have value stream management, they are encountering roadblocks to gain the metrics they need from it, according to Laureen Knudsen, chief transformation officer at Broadcom in the talk “Maneuvering around VSM roadblocks” at {virtual} VSMcon 2022.  A recent study by Broadcom found that 88% of people say they are doing

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If you don’t stop to secure DevOps as part of your VSM, you could miss it

Developers now encounter all kinds of tools and integrations coming at them from everywhere, for all parts of the software delivery process and an ever-increasing threat landscape.  Trying to handle security with DevOps these days can sometimes leave us thinking like Ferris Bueller: “How could I be expected to handle school on a day like

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Effective VSM setup leads organizations to expand on VSM adoption

Organizations need to measure their value stream effectively, but once they do, they usually expand upon that adoption, according to Chris Condo, principal analyst with Forrester Research at the VSMcon 2022 talk “Forrester’s View of VSM 2022.” One of the best ways to get started with value stream management is to build a value stream

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