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Do you know the secret about how to map your value stream?

Everyone is telling you to map your value stream. But have you thought about how? No one is talking about specifics. Watch this live discussion between Lance Knight, Johnathan McGowan and David Rubinstein as they reveal ConnectALL's new mapping software! Watch at your convenience!

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VSM adoption will only continue in 2022

Broadcom recently released its 2022 Value Stream Management Predictions Report, which offers insights into what to expect when it comes to value stream management (VSM) in 2022. One finding is that VSM adoption will continue to increase, and will help organizations better optimize their digital transformations. To read the top 3 predictions, read this article

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Use flow engineering to effectively provide value to your customers

In today’s world of instant gratification, users want a perfect experience every time they access one of their devices. We are no longer in a world where it’s just about buying up new technology for this gratification, developers need to be providing value every time they push out an update.  In a talk at DevOps

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